October 21, 2021
Tips to Declutter and Organize Before a Kitchen Remodel

Tips to Declutter and Organize Before a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen change can significantly interfere with your daily life. So, before you start dreaming about improve your kitchen with the perfect kitchen color palette it makes sense to decutter and adjust before a kitchen remodel.

Making this type of effort prior to remodel will allow you to approach the renovation in carefully planned steps . You will be able to dismantle everything before the construction work starts, but also fix everything perfectly after the kitchen renovation. So, let’s take a look at some organizational tips to make your kitchen Kitchen more effective .

Remove kitchen utensils first

A well -expressing kitchen can start from kitchen cabinets and drawers. Interestingly, people commonly associated collapsing their home with the collapse of their clothing or family belongings. As a result, kitchen utensils and utensils often pile up without you noticing. This happens mostly because it doesn’t seem to cost more than for example clothes or toys.

However, just think about the number of old or useless appliances you keep placed in your kitchen cabinets. There’s really no need to stick to your old bread toaster when you buy a new one.

Throw away anything you haven't used in a while.

Also for kitchen utensils and silverware. Yes, they are an important part of your household, but you may have too many to ever find use for. And now is the time to find out what stays and what comes out. What should you do with those items? Arrange a yard sale or a charity giveaway for items you decide are just redundant.

Declutter and arrange all kitchen items separately in the box labeled

When you have finished reducing kitchen utensils and utensils, arrange them and packing in boxes should be a breeze . So, instead of throwing everything in a single box, it makes more sense to have smaller boxes with appropriate labels.

Therefore, assign a single box for the pans, another (with three or four compartments) for the utensils, a third for your mixer.

At this point it may seem unnecessarily complicated, but you will thank yourself eventually. This type of organization allows you to find anything you may need while tidying up your kitchen. In addition, you will only be able to pull everything out of a box and return everything to the designated place after you finish the adjustments. No mixing or lost – less stress for you.

  a woman cooks after a kitchen remodel

With the right organization, you can use your kitchen yourself after a remodel.

During a home renovation, you can also rent a storage unit if you don't have enough space to keep the boxes in your kitchen or your home. In this case, a short -term solution might be good because you will be able to free up the kitchen and let the workers do their work without any hurdles or inconveniences.

As for family silver and other items you can attach some emotions or memories to, you can safely wrap them in an air-boxed box to avoid exposing them to moisture or mold.

Create categories for similar items

Like kitchen appliances and home appliances, it helps to have clear categories for other items you keep in your kitchen. For example, you could have a cereal box or spice category, or one for canned foods and sauces.

Of course, you may not be able to do this if you have a proper pantry or a kitchen island. However, decutter and recategorizing your food before changing the kitchen can be very helpful. There are simply no more reasons not to throw away expired foods that have been laid in the back of drawers for ages.

Also, you may decide to temporarily store your kitchen items in a storage unit. This is something that many homeowners use when they remodel their kitchen. If you decide to do the same, remember that some objects should not stay there for more than a few days or weeks. Thus, some foods should not be stored in a storage unit because they can rot. Since you definitely want to avoid cleaning or paying damages to the storage provider, make sure you know what you can and cannot store in a storage unit.

Dedicate a box for frequently used items

So far we have mainly discussed how to decutter and fix before a kitchen remodel by focusing on the phases before and after the remodel . However, what if you plan to stay in your home during the renovation?

Importantly, it helps to have a single box for items you use every day . Exciting boxes to find your skin vegetable can ruin all your previous efforts to decutter and organize your kitchen. When you have such a box or cabinet, you will know where to find what you need right away. This will save you a lot of trouble as it eliminates the need to surround yourself with boxes.

You will probably need a lot of items from your kitchen, but you may not be able to get into the kitchen while it is being arranged. That’s why it makes sense to pull everything from cabinets and other storage spaces.

  a newly renovated kitchen

Empty kitchen cabinets to make things easier for you during and after the renovation.

Also remember that your furniture or items can break if they stay in the kitchen while redo So, if you drink coffee every day, you should put the coffee maker in your living room.

All in all, we hope this short guide will be helpful when you start decuttering and tidying up before changing the kitchen. We strongly suggest that you take the time to do this because it will make organizing your newly renovated kitchen faster and more enjoyable.

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