September 22, 2021
How to Upgrade Your Bedroom with Small Tweaks

How to Upgrade Your Bedroom with Small Tweaks

Upgrading your bedroom is a dream. We all know how great it feels to climb into a new decorative space, featuring well -designed soft furnishings, elegant color schemes and discontinuous displays at the ends. We have the perfect advice for you and your home, adding building blocks to a complete, fresh, new style interior.

Smaller details really make a difference when upgrading your space. From switches to socket plugs you can combine different but complement electrical features around your room to really add finesse. Often, we forget about upgrading our plug sockets and switches, underestimating its impact on your home, not only from a safety angle, but also from an aesthetic perspective. Our personal favorites are a smoked brass or brass dimmer switch or toggle switch. For a good atmosphere in the bedroom, a dimmer switch is perfect for setting the tone of the night.

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For detailing around your headboard, introduce drop pendants on either side of your bed to replace the lamps and tables next to the bed is a perfect space saving technique while giving a minimalist vibe to your entire bedroom. Controlling them with each of the separate dimmer switches allows you to create your own lighting on both sides of the room. In addition, drop pendants make the perfect reading light.

If space allows in your room, you can create a coffee corner. This is a space that features a nice chair in the bedroom and small table as an additional space to relax and unwind. Featuring a beautiful piece of furniture in your room creates an enticing focal point in the room, adding character and meaning. If your space is more neutral, you can introduce a pop of color to it as an elegant contrasting piece.

Let's talk floor . The floor can completely transform your space, and even that may not be considered a ' small fix ' it shows how something very simple can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. We absolutely adore a soft carpet in your comfort spaces such as a crowded, office, or living room, and bedroom, the warm comforting touch to the soles of your feet is enough to bring anyone who is pure comfort. In a hallway and kitchen our top favorites are a herringbone style hardwood flooring or a neutral tile. The beauty of ease of use and cleaning while featuring a crisp and clean finish.

Finally, your soft furnishings play a big part in the design of your bedroom. More specifically here, your curtains and blinds. If you want to keep the light on, consider a Roman blind paired with thick, luxurious, lined curtains for added comfort. Nothing breaks a room and adds more character better than beautifully designed curtains. For a more luxurious feel, consider a silver lined pleated curtain or other neutral metallic shades.

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