October 26, 2021
How to Transform a Dingy Basement into a Cozy Living Space

How to Transform a Dingy Basement into a Cozy Living Space

Do you have a cold, very dark basement under your house that you do not currently use? While basements can be very useful storage solutions, perhaps you would prefer to use them as a living space?

Carrying out a full return to the basement can be time consuming, difficult, and expensive. However, there are many things you can do pretty quickly and cheaply to open your basement from a room that is just right for storing old trash cans in a space you can actually spend. In this guide we will look at some of the ways you can do this.

Advanced Conversion

If you are looking to carry out a full conversion, there are many benefits to doing so. A full basement conversion offers you extra space and often adds value to your home, making it easier to sell in the future. If you are not looking to make a complete change, but make the space pleasant to spend a few hours at a time, you can still follow some of these steps for best results.

The first thing to do is to perform checks for damp, rot, and mold. If you are lucky enough to have a basement without any of these, you can skip the next step. Otherwise, applying waterproofing is a difficult process but can pay dividends. A basement that is not wet is not only more accessible but also a safer space to store items such as furniture and electrical items without fear of damage.

Insulation is also an important aspect of basement conversion. The level of insulation you need depends on how hot the space you want – for example, if you want to create a fully viable space for sleeping, working, or even cooking, you will need more insulation than if you simply want a space where you can go and play video games or do DIY activities in a few hours one at a time!

If you want to have a computer, TV, or other electrical equipment in the basement, you may need to [19659011] install power outlets . This should be done after waterproofing. Many basements already have one or two sockets – if you only plan to use a few electrical devices and have one socket, an extension lead may suffice.

If you are renting your home or looking for a rental home that may be suitable for a basement conversion, estate agents like robertoandco.com can help you find properly own and avoid those where conversion is impossible.

Décor Ideas

If you convert the basement as you need, there are many simple ways to speed up the space. Of course, you can go for a fully equipped room that is the same as the others, but if you just want a space to read and work comfortably, you may not need it. If you do not want to lay an entire carpet, for example, rags can make a big difference. Lamps are also an incredibly simple and easy way to change the space. If the walls are not damp, a lick of paint may work.

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