October 18, 2021
Five Benefits of Fitting Smart Locks in Your Home or Business

Five Benefits of Fitting Smart Locks in Your Home or Business

In general, the locking mechanisms of a door have not changed significantly since the early 1900s when doors were usually secured by a key. Today, it is common for doors to be secured by the use of electronic locks or biometrics. In the current climate, it is important to embrace new technologies, especially if they can help improve security, comfort and peace of mind to both home and business owners.

As an essential component of any asset, it is not surprising that the lock and key system has improved beyond all recognition over the past few years. The new technology has also led to alternative methods being adopted by locksmith Durham and many others across the country.

As locksmiths become more au-fait with new techniques they will be able to use more emerging processes around the use of smart locks. So, here are five different reasons why you should consider installing smart locks in your home or business.

Smart Locks are Keyless

Having smart locks installed in your home can instantly facilitate entry procedures. Home keys are there as one of the most commonly placed home appliances. Having a no entry system will eliminate the worry of keeping track of keys or the need to leave keys with friends, relatives or neighbors just in case. Smart locks allow convenient authentication, which increases accessibility and prevents you from worrying about lost or forgotten keys.

Smart Locks Improved Security

Smart locks have proven to be a game changer and a thorn in the side of thieves and would -be thieves. Most older locking systems contain locks that can be selected. A keyless system ensures that intruders cannot gain access to a deadbolt, therefore stopping them from manually unlocking your doors. Smart keyless locking systems can be programmed, meaning you can identify the people you want to allow access to your home or business. Some smart locking systems can be integrated into a broader home security system that allows you a remote monitoring facility. This means you can receive alerts if there is suspicious activity around your home.

Smart Locks can be accessed by Smart Phones

Virtual keys are another important security option when it comes to opening and closing doors. The ability to open doors quickly and conveniently by using a smartphone will eliminate the hassle of fumbling through your bag or pocket for your keys. After all how many people these days don’t have a smartphone. Virtual keys are often accessed via an app on your phone meaning it has all the same security features around it as any important information stored there.

Smart Locks Can Boost Connectivity

Integrating smart locks into your security system can increase the level of connectivity across all your other devices. They allow you to lock and unlock doors on your property remotely. A home automation system that is fully integrated alerts you to unusual events and gives you the ability to continuously monitor your home. Smart locks provide a solution to home or business owners looking for a better way to control access to their property.

The Ability to Send E Keys

Are you stuck at work or unable to go home when a friend or relative visits? With a smart lock you can send an E Key which means they don’t don’t have to sit outside waiting for you to get home. Smart Locks are perfect for example if you are using your home as a holiday let or have a rental lease. This saves you having to have many different sets of keys,

The ability to duplicate and delete keys at the touch of a button is not only convenient but a major cost saving.


As you can see, there are many advantages to installing Smart Locks in your home or business. With these locks, you save time by not wasting minutes waiting for an employee or guest to arrive. And with the right configuration, you’ll know exactly when someone came to your door. You will also be able to lock all your doors with the touch of a button.

Durham Locksmiths along with others across the UK have become more familiar with smart locks in recent times. It allows them to offer home and business owners a new and innovative way to manage access to their premises.

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