October 18, 2021
Buying Guide: How to shortlist house using virtual viewing

Buying Guide: How to shortlist house using virtual viewing

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been drastic changes in the real estate industry. One of the most popular changes is the change in the home viewing process. Gone are the days where potential buyers would go house-to-house to view properties; and open house days are even more important. Thanks to the pandemic, virtual views have become the new way to view homes. From video tours to live videos, and of course 360-degree property tours, potential buyers can now view properties from the comfort of their homes. Without the need for any estate agents, potential buyers can enjoy free viewing of the property online while sitting in their living room. But there is one drawback; the virtual view is never the same as walking into a new house and walking around. However, as virtual views have become a thing of the present, and in the future, it’s time to embrace change. This detailed buying guide will help you list the best homes using the virtual view!

Observe the details

When it comes to virtual viewing, it's all about the details. Sellers can stage their homes and move things in a way that the ownership looks completely flawless in the video. But, you as a potential buyer need to keep your eyes open for minute details. Zoom in every nook and corner just to make sure everything is in order. If you are viewing the property via a live video with a real estate agent, ask the agent to move things around to check for any damage. Ask them to turn on and off the faucets to check for any leaking faucets and also check under the rags and behind the paintings to make sure there is no dampness or mold.

Understand the floor plan

A property can look bigger or smaller in the video, depending on the layout and decor. So, make sure you go through the floor plan carefully before you even start looking at the property. Once you understand the floor plan, you will know exactly how big or small each room is. Also, you can understand the measurement distances, for example, the distance between the kitchen and the living room or the total measurement of the master bedroom. Once you look at the floor plan, you will get a fair idea of ​​the layout that will help you determine whether or not this property meets the requirements on your checklist.

Look outside

It is very important that you look at the house from the outside as well. Pepper sticking out of the wall? Are there any signs of dampness? Does the roof have loose tiles? Are the canals leaking? By paying attention to such things, you can tell whether or not there is damage to this property. If your real estate agent can’t arrange a virtual outdoor tour, you can always find the property on Google Maps. Then, using the satellite view feature you can zoom in on the property and view the exterior. Even the Google Maps street view option can help you get an idea of ​​what the neighborhood is all about.

Opt for 3D viewing, whenever possible

One of the best things about viewing properties in 3D is that you feel like you're literally in trouble. aari. This is the closest you can get to walking into a real house and walking around the property! A 3D view shows you everything about property, good, bad and ugly. So, if there is a large stain on the couch or there are cracks in the wall, you can easily see it when you look at the properties in 3D. Similarly, if there are intricate carvings on the ceiling or there is a marble fireplace, you can easily see it as well. Also, 3D viewing usually has a measurement feature that can help you determine space and size; so, if you’ve ever wondered if the brand new sofa in your living room will fit into this new property, the 3D measurement tool will give you an answer!

Ask all the nosy questions

Don't be afraid to ask. How long has this property been on the market? How many times has ownership changed hands in the last 20 years? Why are current owners moving? Has the property experienced development? When was the last time the plumbing was fixed? What is the neighborhood How far is the nearest supermarket? Be sure to ask all the questions that are on your mind, because that’s the only way to make sure the ownership you’re looking at really fits your criteria.

From Orpington estate agents to Beckenham estate agents almost every agent has adapted to the new way of looking at homes. For virtual property views, contact your real estate agent today!

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