September 22, 2021
A Complete Guide To Get Your Michigan Builder License

A Complete Guide To Get Your Michigan Builder License

If you are someone who wants to start a construction or construction business in Michigan, you must obtain a Michigan Builder's License.

It's a tedious process to get your hands on a Michigan building license.

Some important steps need to be followed to obtain a license. It starts from completing your Michigan Builder’s License classes, clearing your exams to selecting the type of license you should apply for.

Here we will give you a simple and clear guide to everything you need to get your license.

Michigan Builder's License:

This license is for someone who wants to do any type of construction work in Michigan. In detail, According to Article 24 of Public Act 299 of 1980, any person engaged in residential construction in the construction of a business structure must have this Michigan Builder’s License.

Even for people undertaking repairs to these structures, building renovations and improvements also require this license.

Requirements to obtain a builder's license:

  1. To obtain a license, a builder must meet the following: [19659010] Your Age must be 18 or older.
  2. You must have a valid driver's license.
  3. You must complete a 60 hour pre-licensure course.
  4. You must pass the residential and substitution contractor exam. [19659010] You must pay all application and licensing fees.

Above all, it is necessary to pass the exam; having the correct classes in the Michigan builder’s license will help with this.

Pre-licensure courses:

It takes 60 hours to complete and there are a variety of subjects. Each topic takes at least 6 hours to complete. Topics are:

1) The First 6 hours are about Business Management, Estimating, and Job costing.

2) Business design and science will last the next 6 hours

3) The next 6 hours are for Risk Management, Contracts, and Liabilities.

4) Michigan Residential code

5) MIOSHA Construction Safety Standards apply to 6 hours

6) The balance of 18 hours will be used for other subjects in approved course list.

Many License types to builders are available for your Pre-licensure courses online.

Contractor Licensing exam clearance:

After completing the pre-licensure course, you must clean the contractor exam. In Michigan, your contractor exam will take place through PSI exams. While applying for this exam, applicants must provide a copy of their driver’s license or any other personal identity card. Along with the application or at the time of the exam, you will have to pay $ 195. The fee may vary depending on the sections of your Michigan builder license. For each license, the number of sections you need to pick up will change.

Obtaining Your License:

After clearing your exams, you will be issued your builder license as an Individual Interior Builder. With this license, you can begin your construction as a sole proprietorship under your name. However, you cannot use this license for corporations or partnerships.

Registration with the Michigan Treasury Department:

After getting your license and starting your business, it is important to register your business and make sure as well. You can register your business with the Michigan Department of Treasury Online. Getting insured is more responsible and also important.


Having a Michigan Builder's License should work with any contractor. You cannot work on any project totaling $ 600 or more without your license.

If a contractor is found to be working without a license has to appear in court and face misdemeanor charges that could result in a penalty of six months imprisonment or a fine.

Work peacefully with a proper license based on law and order. Getting a license is easy if you choose the right type of Michigan builder license.

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