October 26, 2021
6 Important Things To Check When You’re Buying A House in London

6 Important Things To Check When You’re Buying A House in London

Buying a property in London can be an exciting time, arguably moreso for a first time buyer. Saving for an initial deposit can be a huge achievement with your target being reached and then using that money to buy your first home is a great feeling. However, in all the chaos, some potential buyers forget to perform important checks and leave themselves with expensive problems to deal with once their purchase is completed.

Here are 6 important things to check when you buy a home in London

Check Your Council Tax Band

When you agree on your mortgage with your lender, you will have a rough idea of your monthly discharge. However, it is always important to check your council tax band before you start paying fees. Some people mistakenly simply assumed this release and left themselves open to an unpleasant surprise when it came to the charge. Be sure to be in the know.

Fix For A Burden Inspection

Some sellers may try to peel wet by placing furniture in front of wet patches, or even by giving it to a wall a fresh coat of paint. However, damp can cause major structural damage if it is not corrected. Before agreeing on the purchase price of your property, arrange for a damp inspection for your property in London. These inspection dampers are usually very inexpensive, and can give you a good idea of ​​the extent of any damp and the appropriate costs to repair and restore.

Be sure to Collect All Warranty Documents

If the property you are buying has new windows, or a new door, or a new boiler, you must be given a proof of warranty from to your seller. If not, be sure to chase it. For example, new windows tend to have a ten year warranty so if any issues come up, you’re covered. Without these documents, you may be left with the charge of a repair that may already be covered.

Fix For Drain Tests

There are many issues with drainage systems that are generally not seen therefore it is necessary to instruct an expert to conduct CCTV drain surveys in London. A gutter survey can tell you any current or potential issues with your drains. If repairs are required, you can ask the seller to remedy them before you complete your purchase or alternatively, you can use the cost of repairs to repair at the asking price.

Make Sure You Have Details Of Utilities

Bills and utilities can be problematic enough to fix when you move into a new property without you having to find out and source each individual supplier. service. When you are in the process of buying your property, make sure the seller offers as much information as possible. The gas supplier, the electricity supplier, probably any previous supplier also. These are just examples but go through anything you think might be useful and obviously, make your life easier once you move on.

Check Your Garden For Issues

Homeowners often forget the considered issues they may see within the exterior areas of their property. Gardens are often taken at face value and little consideration is given to the problems they may present. For example, a garden with Japanese Knotweed can actually prevent your mortgage lender from lending you money, and to remove this weed, it can cost as much as £ 20,000! Similarly, large trees nearby or on your property can grow to cause structural hazards.

Helpful? We hope So!

Buying a property is exciting and at some point overwhelming, so don't forget to make your list of all the important checks to avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses when you've completed your purchase.

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