June 17, 2021

Day: May 11, 2021

Tips to Hang Your Painting with Precision
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Tips to Hang Your Painting with Precision

Wall hangings are highly effective in glorifying the interior of your home and personalizing your space. However, hanging your photos and paintings on the wall is a tedious task that requires proper planning and time. What if the whole process of hanging your paintings could be done in a few steps?

Now, we give you DIY steps that you can follow to place your paintings for the first time only.

Before starting, find out the type of wall you have and how heavy your artwork is to help you identify the best type of fastener to use in your application. A good description of wall anchors can be found at https://www.nevermeasure.com/comprehensive-guide-wall-anchors/ .

Once you have checked the type of wall and most suitable fastener for it, it is time to proceed with the steps mentioned below.

Plan Your Location: Before taking any action, it is important to find the right Read more

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