September 23, 2021
Tips for Updating Your Light Fixtures

Tips for Updating Your Light Fixtures

Updating and repairing your home can be an exciting task. There are many ways you can open a space in your own design. Updating lighting fixtures can have a huge impact on the look and feel of an interior space. Everyday has noted that the intensity and color of light can have a profound effect on your mental state. Because of this, it is important to choose the right lighting fixtures. The first step in updating your lights is to find out the type of lights you want to install in your living area.

Types of Lighting

If you head to a hardware or a home accessories store, you probably get blown away by the options. There are lighting fixtures that appeal to different interior design paradigms. Choosing the right lighting fixture for you depends on how you see fit within your existing room decor. Among the options you will encounter are:

  • Recessed Lighting: Also known as canister lights or downlights, these offer great accent lighting opportunities for any living space. The combination of placement and direction can create unique aesthetic displays.
  • Pendant Lighting: These lights are small point lights that come in a variety of shapes and designs. You can also change shades for a bit of variation, adding colors or muting light falloff levels. They are also great ways to add to the interest of a design space. If you have a bar area near your kitchen, they make great highlights.
  • Track Lighting: When you install pendant lights on a track or beam, usually in a pattern or a row, you get track lighting. If you already have a track light and need to update it, you have many options, the same as pendant lights.
  • Chandelier Lighting: Most people with chandeliers get used to them after a while. Refreshing a chandelier can be something as simple as repainting it. However, you can change the whole fixture design by changing the outdated lighting to something more modern and chic.

Ways to Update Your Light Fixtures

A light fixture should be added to the interior design of a room. Choosing light fixtures is important in figuring out the layout of a room. Decorating usually considers your lighting for highlights or accents. Different types of lighting perform different functions for your interior design. As a result, when your decor changes, your lights need to follow the suit. If your light fixtures are dull, drab, and seem to blend into the background (or stand out in the worst possible way), it’s time for an update. Homeowners can look at many ways to update their existing lighting fixtures.

  1. Paint: The easiest way to deal with an update is to repaint your lighting fixtures. This method is typically applied to metal fixtures such as chandeliers, but it can also work with other metal fixtures. Refining a metal fixture is a simple DIY task. All you need is a paint color that matches your needs and a firm hand to apply it to your fixture. Ideally, you’ll also use newspapers to line around the location, so you don’t accidentally get spray paint on your walls.
  2. New Shades: Shades can make a world of difference to your lighting. While you can only remove the shades from a lamp, it leaves the interior looking bare and uncleaned. Consider looking at shades with color schemes that match the room. If you want a lamp to have only a small area of ​​effect, use a heavy shade to increase dampening.
  3. Conversion Kits: Many home installations can be modifications to a conversion kit. They take a specific type of light fixture and change them to another. You keep the wiring and everything else but it will add a lot to the design. Find out the type of lights you have in your home and find out what conversion kits work with them.
  4. Wireless Fixtures: Instead of running wires and going through the hassle of reinstallations, how about snipping the wires entirely? Replacing a light fixture is just a matter of replacing the old fixture and putting a new one on the plate. You will need a professional electrician to do the initial set up for you, but when that is done, you should switch your lights on as desired. This method makes future updates simpler.

Updating Your Lighting Won't Be Difficult

Your lighting fixtures form a major part of your interior design. They can add to the ambiance in a room. From harsh white light to soft, colored tones, each evokes different emotions in a person, and each has its uses. If you’re updating your wiring to go along with your fixtures, you probably need a professional electrician to take a look. Changing your lighting can change the whole look of your home. It will take time, certainly, but it’s worth the wait.

Bobby Lynn is the Owner of LiveWire Electrical, a fully licensed and insured electrical and commercial company serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Bobby has been in the electrical industry for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of all things electrical. Learn more about LiveWire’s specialty lighting installation services here .

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