September 22, 2021
Missing Fall at Home? 8 Ways to Spice Up Your Dorm

Missing Fall at Home? 8 Ways to Spice Up Your Dorm

Going to college for the first time can be exciting. You can’t wait to meet new people from all over the country and even around the world. And you will live alone, independently and perhaps even away from family and friends. But no matter how free and independent it feels, sometimes you just get to visit the house, the comfort of the creatures and the people making you feel safe.

However, when you come to your dorm room, it's also blank of slate. Unfortunately, there are ways to remind you of home and all the people you love by adding some decorative and pottery touches to your living room space. So if you ' re missing out on coming home, here are eight ways to beautify your dorm and make your home feel at home.

# 1 Light Fall Scented Candles

The scent brings back all kinds of memories. So what better way to beautify your dorm room than with some candles ? (As long as that ' s allowed inside your dorm, of course). If the fall is missing at home, along with the smells of grandma’s delicious cooking and the pumpkin you’re visiting with your family before Halloween, don’t worry – there’s a candle for that! Check out Grandma’s Grandma’s candle that smells exactly like freshly baked hot apple pie straight from the oven. Is there a candle -free policy in your dorm? Then use a reed diffuser instead. The Pumpkin diffuser will make you feel like you are going back to the house of pumpkins and drinking hot apple cider with your friends.

# 2 Find Words and Items That Inspire and Comfort You

If you are missing the fall at home and surrounded by family and friends, think of words and things that inspire and comfort yours. It can be a quote from one of your favorite books or an image that lifts spirits and brightens your day. Think of words that describe how you would like your dorm room to feel and use them as inspiration to decorate. When venturing into your dorm room, it’s okay to fall into the latest design trends and colors, but make sure the overall mood and atmosphere gives you comfort and you feel like you’re at home as well. Also, when doing this, make sure your roomies have something to say to it as well.

# 3 Create a Luxe Bed for Deep Sleep

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The average adult needs eight hours of sleep per night. But as a new college student, getting proper sleep is a real struggle. However, sleep is important for your overall physical and mental health which helps you fight stress and illnesses, so having a proper bed is necessary for your bedroom. dorm. In other words, make your bed comfortable like homecoming, complete with soft, breathable sheets and an ergonomic pillow that will cradle your neck very perfectly. If your college mattress is too hard and durable, add a pillow top or an egg crate foam topper to add some softness to your sleep. Lastly, don’t forget to dress up your college bed with decorative pillows and comfortably throw from your room home. It will fight the homesick blues.

# 4 Add a Warm Underfooting to Cold Floors

No one says a sterile dorm room is the same as concrete or linoleum floors. So instead of jumping out of bed and landing on a cold floor every morning, pull out a rug or two. Keep a rag just under the bed to add a warm, soft foot under your crawling bed each night. You can also add a thick and luxurious bath rag to the outside of the shower as well. See if your roommate wants to go with a larger carpet that provides a foundation for the space and will make you more comfortable.

# 5 Decorate Your Walls with Memories

Dorm room walls can be a bit outdated. Fortunately, hanging pictures, art and decorations can beautify a dorm room in a big way. But while it’s easy to throw away a poster or two and call it a day, try to make your wall space feel more homier. Hang a flag from your state or country and some pictures of siblings and best friends. Decorate your walls with memories and things that remind you of the house, along with some colorful decorations to liven up the place. Are you from the coast of New England? Download images of autumn leaves becoming your favorite park. Negotiate from sunny California? Hang some boho macrame plant owners with succulents to remind you at home.

# 6 Get a Comfortable Chair for a More Casual Space

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you sit all day in a relatively sturdy chair during classes. So when you go back to your dorm, give yourself somewhere to rest and relax (that ' s not your bed). Although it is important to have an office chair that provides good lumbar support when you need to get to study, designate a corner of the room for relaxation. Look for a comfortable chair that invites you to curl up in reading material and listen to music to decompress and relax. Not sure where to find a seat around campus? Keep an eye on tag sales and yard sales or simply hit a local thrift store. If you have a chair from your room at home, even better! Put a throw on the arm or back to make you more welcoming to the chair, new friends and dorm room guests.

# 7 Use a Light Therapy Alarm Clock

When the sun saving time rises and the days become shorter, it becomes harder to get sunlight – especially if your head is studying all day. But instead of slipping into Seasonal Affective Disorder, get your device a light therapy that mimics sunrise and helps you get out of bed every morning with small eyes and slack tailed. Having set multiple timers, it can gently wake up in the morning and also greet you when you arrive at the dorm in the evening after your study group.

# 8 Stream Music

Songs can bring back many memories and even make you relax after a long day. So if you ' re missing home and your best friends, share a playlist on Spotify or any music streaming app you use and listen to it anywhere you want to relax or simply miss hanging out. Also, consider setting up playlists for a variety of activities, such as studying, adventuring, exercising or just relaxing in the park.

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