September 23, 2021
Different types of ceiling fans available in India

Different types of ceiling fans available in India

Hot and humid: perhaps you can express your feelings with it if someone asks you about the state of India. The only equipment that perfectly fits this situation is a ceiling fan: affordable, long service life, powerful, consumes less energy, and lower maintenance. Ceiling fans are one of the oldest methods of transmitting heat. Since then, a lot has changed and the equipment has been modernized and undergone many innovations. Now there are different types of ceiling fans available in Indian Market, offered by Crompton. With its size and the fixed airflow, this model is best suited for medium and large areas and also has a higher ceiling.

Standard ceiling fan

Standard ceiling fans are one of the most traditional types of ceiling fans. You have probably seen a common ceiling fan in most homes. This type of a fan has features such as three or four blades, which are generally made of metal or plastic. Fan ceiling blades are usually mounted on the side, above or below the motor. Along with the blades, a standard ceiling fan has metal arms, a rod, and a tube attached to the mounting brackets of a fan in the motor housing. These fans are allowed to remain stationary on both flat and sloped ceilings.

Low profile ceiling fans

  Low profile ceiling fans

Also known as hug ceiling fans or recessed ceiling fans, they are attached to a mounting bracket. This is different than a standard ceiling fan that is generally mounted on the pole. These types of ceiling fans are ideal for rooms less than 8 to 9 feet high. Because these fans are fixed close to the ceiling, the airflow may not be as high as a standard ceiling fan. In other words, the cooling capacity may be lower than other high -profile ceiling fans. Therefore, if you live in a warmer region, a low profile ceiling fan may not be a suitable option for you.

Dual motor ceiling fan

As the name suggests these types of ceiling fans have two motors on it. This is the kind of fan that offers both quality and style. It has two interchangeable fan heads driven by 2 horizontal rods. Also known as twin ceiling fans or dual head fans, they have an extremely unique design, making them the center of gravity right away. Aside from the stylish look, twin motor fans with a ceiling have a great level of practicality and comfort that many standard fans may lack.

Energy Star ceiling fans

Energy star ceiling fans are the kind of fans that can help you save a lot of energy as well as the money spent on it. Because of their energy efficiency capabilities, they are more beneficial to the ecosystem compared to other ceiling fans. Earning the “energy star” badge comes after a lot of scrutiny and processing. Fans must adhere to extremely strict guidelines set by the Department of Environmental Protection. In addition, they must also undergo thorough examination by certified laboratories to achieve the Energy Star badge.

Remote ceiling fans

  Remote controlled ceiling fans

Any type of a fan that can be operated by a remote control belongs to this category. It can be a standard ceiling fan or dual motor fans or an outdoor fan or any other type of ceiling fan. This is a very convenient option for people with mobility issues or not high enough to move the plug. With the help of the remote control, the user can easily change the fan speed, air flow, direction of the blades etc. The ease of use makes these fans ideal for rooms with large bedrooms, high ceilings and auditoriums.


There are different types of ceiling fans in the house and as you can see each one has its own unique characteristics. Ceiling fans have maintained their simple image since their first appearance in the 17th century. However, different types have emerged and become common in the modern world. The invention of ceiling fans became a major milestone in the world of electrical machines. Although they originated centuries ago, they still have tremendous importance in our daily lives.

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