October 21, 2021
5 Things to Know Before You Begin a Property Renovation Project

5 Things to Know Before You Begin a Property Renovation Project

Change is an inevitable part of all aspects of life- and our home life is no exception. As we spend most of our time in our homes (even more so due to the ongoing pandemic), it is not surprising that we seek change in terms of interior design and in the structure of our properties. From lifestyle changes- like starting a family that needs internal change and perhaps exterior change, to modernizing a home, a new theme or style- home renovation is something that all homeowners at least once in their lives. Fixing your property can be a challenging experience, but remodeling your home can be worthwhile. Every property renovation task you undertake will bring new challenges and unexpected rounds, and there are many tips and tricks that will help if you find yourself in a sticky renovation situation. house. In addition, home renovation is a great way to add value to the cost of your property, as it allows you to renovate your home in the property market, therefore making it more desirable. while adding value to the asset. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast ?”, Then home renovation is a perfect place to start. But before you get started, here at Buy Any Home We’ve compiled a list of things you should know before you start a property renovation project.

Start With A Building Survey:

Before changing any part of your property- you must commission a chartered building surveyor. This is especially important if you are planning on doing any structural repairs, such as building an extension or doing a loft conversion. The price of a surveyor typically ranges from £ 500 to £ 1,000, depending on the age, size and location of the home. However, they can highlight important issues such as roof problems, damp or any structural movement- which can cause major damage if not diagnosed properly.

Budgets and Quotes:

We all love to indulge in home-made TV shows- however they are not the greatest advisors when it comes to organizing your own home regarding budget and cost. It is important that you do not underestimate the value of your renovation project, as it could result in you taking out loans from the bank and end up in financial difficulty. Instead, before your project starts, sit down with your family / partner and work out how much it will cost on the last little details. Then, set aside extra money in case something goes wrong as an emergency fund.

Another thing to do is ask for an accurate estimate. Don’t trust someone’s appreciation, find multiple experts in that field and get an average cost estimate for specific jobs. In addition, don ' t rely on a ' textimate ' (in the telephone estimate). Encourage the person to come and take a look at your property in person, so they can see for themselves what they are dealing with.

Create a Realistic Timeline:

In a perfect world, all configuration projects can be done with the click of a finger. However, unfortunately, this is actually not always the case. It’s important to have a sense of realism about home improvement projects and understand that even though you’re likely to be given a rough estimate by contractors, there may be factors associated with it. Prepare for things that take longer than assumed and try to avoid feelings of frustration by thinking of the final result. One tip to get around here is to order your new updates before you remove existing materials, so that there is no waiting time.

Expect the Unexpected:

In the middle of your home renovation, there may be an unexpected event. Whether it’s regarding uneven flooring due to a shifted center joist, a roof problem or a problem with your water system, it can have a huge impact on the size of the project time. The repairs will stop, and you will have the resource of an expert who can fix the specific issue- and then the repairs will continue when the site is safe and legal. This is just one reason why it is better to devote extra time and money to your renovation project- so you aren ' t protected from unexpected bad road conditions.

Be Certain:

Time is money and money is time. Your home renovation is probably not cheap, so it ' s best to have a clear plan before you give the green light. Although things may crop along the way, there are some things that must be concrete throughout the process (no pun intended!). Where you plan things like your radiator to be positioned, the sockets and lighting layout should be thought out in advance. After all, you are the one struggling to use your phone while charging. The same goes for interior design. Don’t be swayed by a designer who thinks they know your style and taste and want free reign (unless you’re comfortable and happy with it). Instead, plan the interior of your home first, and if it can’t be an exact match, get close.

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